Bringing Real World Strategy
to Mobile Gaming


Some people think games are a waste of time. We see games as a NEW, DYNAMIC FORM OF ENGAGEMENT.

Our platform uses gaming to harness the power of the people to create a BETTER WORLD for future generations.

Politics is a modern-day gladiatorial arena

ModernCoalition is a free mobile game for Android and iOS that puts you right in the middle of the action.

ENTER THE FRAY as a political shotcaller or media powerhouse. Pick issues that are important to you. Take a stand. Make alliances with your friends and WIN.


Not a Fan of Politics? Join the Club…

ModernCoalition shifts thinking away from politics as we know it and onto the ISSUES that matter. Gaming has the power to build a better world. When people come together and make their voices heard, our democracy will emerge stronger. The coalition is forming…. ARE YOU IN?

Download and Play

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